2019 Fall Board

President – Karl Swanson

Computer Engineering/Computer Science, 2021


Hometown: Queensbury, NY

Favorite Planet: Proxima Centauri B

President’s Responsibilities: Serve as liaison between the club and Northeastern and AIAA, chair the executive board, oversee the development of the club’s projects, and work closely with project leads to achieve goals.

Vice President – Cameron Bracco

Computer Science 2022

Hometown: Oakland, California

Favorite Planet: Mars

Vice President’s Responsibilities: Oversee communication between the executive board and the club, serve as secretary of the executive board (prepare agendas and take minutes), schedule spaces and tables and coordinates executive board meetings, and stand in as President in any absence of the President.

What do you want to accomplish in your position on the Board? As AIAA’s membership base and technical capabilities grow, I want to ensure that each project has the resources and information necessary to succeed. Additionally, I want to expand the breadth of programming for AIAA by bringing in speakers and starting new aerospace/aeronautical workshops. Our organization has done incredible things in the past, and this trend will persist this fall!

Treasurer – Krishna Mohan

Mechanical Engineering 2023

Hometown: Edison, New Jersey

Favorite Planet: Neptune

Treasurer’s Responsibilities: Make required financial reports, approve project budgets and authorize expenditures, appoint and fundraise with two funding ambassadors, ensure all budgets are met and never exceeded, and attend Student Activities Business Office required meetings.

What do you want to accomplish in your position on the Board? I hope to keep the AIAA’s projects funded, while keeping track of and organizing documentation of spending.

Operations Manager – Emma Rugg

Mechanical Engineering 2023

Hometown: Billerica, Massachussetts

Favorite Planet: Jupiter

Operations Manager’s Responsibilities: Enforce lab policies as provided by the lab director and/or club advisor, appoint members to the Design Safety Committee (DSC) and safety officers, oversee the Design Safety Committee and safety officers, enforce lab policy and report frequent violations in conjunction with safety officers, and maintain relations with the lab director and NU Risk Services.

What do you want to accomplish in your position on the Board? I hope to maintain the high standards of safety and efficiency in our rocket lab, as well as create a team of Design Safety advisers and lab technicians that can spread our wealth of aeronautical knowledge throughout the club.

Outreach Coordinator – Nolan Brown

Mechanical Engineering 2023

Hometown: Longmeadow, Massachussetts

Favorite Planet: Pluto

Outreach Coordinator’s Responsibilities: Maintain the club’s image including relations with news sources and media, manage the club’s community outreach initiatives and STEM education events, promote the club at on-campus events such as club fairs and online via social media, and coordinate one lecture event per semester.

What do you want to accomplish in your position on the Board? I hope to inspire children to achieve a career in STEM by providing real life examples and by teaching them various concepts in STEM through hands on activities.