NUAV Successfully Tests Companion Computing

NUAV Successfully Tests Companion Computing

AerospaceNU’s NUAV (Northeastern Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) successfully tested their first iteration of Companion Computing onboard their Swarm Carrier drone platform this past weekend.

After many late nights crushing hardware and software bugs alike, the team interfaced an NVIDIA Jetson Nano with Swarm’s Pixhawk 4 controller. After verifying that they were able to send and receive MAVLink messages across the interface, the team moved on to simulating their setup in Gazebo for SITL (Software in the Loop) tests.

Following simulation of the drone, the team headed out for real-life operations, and ran the Swarm system, commanding it to follow a basic box path, collecting radio signal data at different locations.

Jumping the Companion Computing hurdle is huge for NUAV, with a computer like the Jetson Nano onboard, our team will now be able to navigate Swarm autonomously throughout a given space. This opens up the possibilities of navigation via radio beacon signal, artag, or other vision and signal related algorithms.

Stay tuned for more updates on Swarm!

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