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A continuation of last year’s project to build a fixed- wing, unmanned aerial vehicle (RC plane). AerospaceNU will be participating in an RC plane competition, join this team if you want to help build and fly RC planes!


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Project Summary:

The Fixed Wing team is composed of a group of engineering students who are interested in exploring and tackling the problems associated with aerodynamic flight. The group designs and assembles radio controlled drones in-house and competes with those drones in nationally recognized collegiate engineering competitions such as SAE Aero.

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The fixed wing will developing its plane for the SAE Aero Design East competition. The competition involves building an electric plane that has an optimal lift to weight ratio. Over the summer we started learning how to fly and discovered that it is much more difficult than we anticipated, but we are making solid progress. We also began designing our plane for the competition. We ran numerical calculations to calculate lift, drag, and performance characteristics for a few different airfoil designs and settled on NACA 2408. We then began constructing SolidWorks models of the design. Now that it is fall and the rest of the club is back we plan on finding a consensus on the design and then creating an initial prototype. We will then further develop the design and create the final product.

The mechanical group this year will be larger and work on developing the aerodynamics and moving parts of the plane. The electrical team will work on the servos, ESC, Arduino and LEDs as well as potentially an altimeter and GPS. We think that this organization will help to incorporate new members who wish to join our group as well as improve our efficiency. We realize that in the past we have taken longer than expected on our projects but we think that this new structure, in addition to having a competition with a hard deadline, will help us to accomplish a lot this year.