Introduction to Rocketry 2020

AerospaceNU offers our Introduction to Rocketry class every fall at no cost to its students. In this class, we teach the basics of rocketry and introduce the main aspects of the club as a whole. This year’s “Intro” class is divided into four different tracks: Airframe, Avionics, Liquids, and Mechatronics. Every skill level is welcome and encouraged to sign up!


In the Airframe track you will work in a small group to design, build, and launch a rocket airframe, the skeleton and skin of a full rocket. The goal of this track is to learn and build a rocket airframe for a successful launch, and you will have the option to design for a potential payload.


In the Avionics track, you will learn how to select and program various flight boards as well as payload controls. Your work will be flown aboard rockets created in the Airframe track! Featured to the left are the avionics boards used within one of Competition Rocketry’s rockets.


On the Liquids track you will learn about what goes into a liquid rocket engine. You will also design your own! Shown at right is the Liquid Rocket Engine project’s stand at their test site in Maine.


In Mechatronics, you will design a robotic payload that integrates with the rockets built in the Airframe track. To the left is a 3D render of the RHex drive rover used in the Competition Rocketry project’s NASA USLI rocket.