Meeting Times: Tuesday/Thursday 7-9PM in 244 Forsyth Lab.

These are the various subprojects that we are working on right now. There is no experience necessary to work on any of these projects.

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Sustainer Structure Development (2nd Stage)
We are developing a fiberglass/carbon fiber structure for our first stage. The nosecone/airframe section will contain the avionics bay for flight data acquisition, radio communication of GPS location, and motor ignition electronics. It will also contain all recovery hardware: the custom dual-deployment device that will allow for staging of the drogue and main parachute, and a mechanically actuated CO2 Peregrine for separation. Many difficult engineering problems to be solved in this area.
Looking for: ME interested in design and structural analysis, weight and space constrained design, prototyping, hands-on manufacturing, part sourcing and working with suppliers. SolidWorks, ANSYS FEA, ANSYS Fluent, RASAERO II, fastener selection.

Mechanically Actuated CO2 Peregrine
A separation device that does not rely on black powder for deployment because there is not enough oxygen at our separation altitude for a reliable ignition. We need to develop a mechanically actuated system to puncture the CO2 canisters and allow for the release of our parachutes.
Looking for: ME/EE interested in designing, prototyping, and testing a mechanism. SolidWorks, FEA, Machining.

Solid Engine Test Development (19SU)
A capstone group for Project Karman built a motor integrated airframe for our second stage to substantially reduce weight. We now need to test the engine at a rocket test site in Maine with solid fuel we had custom made. The primary goal of the test is to record the thrust of the rocket and see how well it matches with our design.
Looking for: ME/EE/CE/CS interested in designing a test stand for a high powered engine, data acquisition software/hardware, and test planning/logistics. NI DAQ, LabVIEW, Measurements, Data Analysis. Interested in learning how to design solid propellant engines.

Flight Computer Software
We have almost completed the design of our flight computer PCB and need to begin programming our sensors for various flight events (
Looking for: EE/CS/MATH wanting to gain experience in all levels of avionics development: From the hardware, to the software, and finally integration into a custom PCB. Duties include: assessing power requirements for electronics, building the software to manage key flight events, and building robust systems. Programming languages: C/C++, Python.

Composite Manufacturing (19SU)
To reduce the weight of our booster stage, we are developing an efficient procedure to cut, apply, and vacuum bag carbon fiber to mount fins onto the rocket airframe. Additionally, the diameter of our sustainer stage is not sized for off-the-shelf nose cones so we are making a mold and creating a procedure to do it in house. Lastly, we are creating a carbon fiber exterior for our interstage.
Looking for: Anyone interested in working hands-on with composites and molding: Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass layup. Researching and performing techniques to improve out composites capabilities.

Project Branding (19SU)
We need help convincing potential sponsors and Northeastern students alike of the benefits of working with our team by building a cohesive story of our project which would materialize as marketing materials: videos, posters, and online media.
Looking for: Anyone that has a passion for aerospace and our goals! Looking to gain experience in marketing, graphic design, creating physical posters, and/or video editing.

Radio Communication Development
Contact Adam Mirza for more information regarding this sub project
Looking for: EE interested in signals