Member of the Month


July 2018
Rebecca Holleb

Our Vice President last semester, Bex did an amazing job providing the vital bridge between projects and the Executive Board. It can be a challenging task to schedule meetings between very active members with very busy schedules, but somehow she found a way to get it done. Thank you so much for your dedication to our club!

June 2018
Dennis Rogers

In addition to being an amazing Lab Technician, Dennis Rogers pioneered the AerospaceNU IRAD (Internal Research and Development) program through his Mechanical Separation Project. Thanks for all you do for our club!

March-April 2018
There was a lot going on in this time period, no Members of the Month here!

February 2018
Aiden Wolfe

Aiden Wolfe is the Launch Vehicle lead for our NASA Student Launch project. Additionally he has interned at SpaceX focusing on Flight Reliability. Thank you Aiden for your contributions to AIAA!

January 2018
Alex McCalmont

Alex McCalmont is the lead of a brand new and exciting project this semester: Learn to Fly: FPV Racing! Members of the project will build and fly ameteur and competition quadcopters, additionally they will learn how to pilot drones in First Person View through a predefined racecourse!


December 2017
Morgan Castle

A huge thanks to Morgan Castle for leading Introduction to Rocketry this semester! Morgan dedicated herself to organizing and teaching intro this semester, one of our most important projects! Introduction to Rocketry builds up skills in our core member base so newer members can easily move into larger and more complicated projects.

November 2017
Brian Jannuzi

Check out Brian Jannuzi! A rising Freshman in our club, Brian has taken a major role in our club in his very first year at Northeastern. It was with his help that we were able to repair our laser cutter this semester. Can’t wait to see what you” accomplish in AIAA Brian!

October 2017
Karl Swanson

Karl Swanson designed the AIAA website and maintains the server that our website, Github, and other services run on. Additionally, as Outreach Coordinator, Karl works to get speakers for our club, organize fun events, and publicize our image, thanks Karl!