NUAV – Accomplishments and History

          After establishment in the latter half of the Spring 2018 semester, we branched out to the existing community of FPV pilots during multiple fly-ins at local Boston parks. While constructing our own quadcopters and teaching others, we hosted meet-ups and eventually a time trial for the Collegiate Drone Racing season. 

Pilot heats at the CDRA championship


          In April 2018, NUAV (then Learn to Fly: FPV Racing) took 6 pilots to Purdue University’s Collegiate Drone Racing National Championship where we placed 8th out of 18 scoring teams. This coming year, we hope to podium with more advanced builds and regular team practice sessions.

          Although limited by time and resources during our first semester, we were still able to build two racing quadcopters from the ground up and teach students the basics of UAV construction. During the build processes, we exposed students to advanced soldering practices, circuit organization, flight controller configuration and coding, and flight simulator practice. Before the collegiate championship, we hosted a project fly-in for pilot time trials in which students were able to fly the quadcopters they configured.

Pilot Pictures at Purdue

          In the Fall of 2018, NUAV continued their learn to fly program with even more members participating. Skills that were taught in the first semester for NUAV were built upon and polished as members learned better practices for construction and configurations. Pilots who had flown at the Collegiate Drone Racing National Championships taught members how to fly their quadcopters in guided computer simulations and culminating in a actual flight with their assembled Quadcopters.