Project Redshift


AerospaceNU is beginning work on the Dollar Per Foot challenge hosted by the Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR). The goal of this project is to design, test, build, and fly a liquid fueled rocket to the highest achievable altitude. FAR is awarding participating university teams one dollar for every foot their vehicle travels above the top end of the launch rail. Read below to see more details about the project, its long term goals, and its sponsors!

Our Sponsors

We owe the most sincere gratitude to all of our sponsors, without whom we would be unable to do what we love to do every single day. Thank you for your continued support and love for student innovation and rocketry.

Why DPF?

This unique challenge gives AerospaceNU the opportunity to combine all of its knowledge and resources that have been developing over the last eight years. Our club has launched countless solid fueled vehicles and made impressive progress in the liquid engine department as well. Now we get to combine that wealth of knowledge and collaborate on the largest project this club as undertaken to date. Our first vehicle iteration will be Redshift I and will participate in the DPF challenge. Successive iterations will be developed and scaled up into larger and potentially multi-stage vehicles to launch beyond the 100km altitude Karman Line in the future.