Rocket Competitions

The goal of Rocket Competitions is to provide an opportunity for new members to become more involved in the process of High Power Rocketry  competitions. This will include rocket and payload design and construction as well as the planning process required for rocketry competitions. Construction techniques and materials will intentionally be chosen to be more advanced than strictly necessary for easier portions of the competitions, to improve member skills from the Intro to Rocketry level to the level of major projects such as Liquid Rocket Engine and Karman. There will be two competitions that we plan to participate in, Battle of the Rockets and IREC/SA Cup. These projects are linked to provide a more efficient use of club resources through the use of the same payload and software systems on both rockets making use of the limited resources and knowledge the club has in these two areas. This will allow a focus on rocketry to appeal to new members while providing a challenging payload project for new and experienced members.