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Founded in the Fall of 2012 by two students with a passion for aeronautics and astronautics, AerospaceNU is pushing the boundaries of collegiate aerospace development. From high powered near-space rocketry, to fixed wing planes, liquid rocket engine development, and artificially intelligent drones, if it flies we’re on it.

AerospaceNU Latest

NUAV Successfully Tests Companion Computing

AerospaceNU’s NUAV (Northeastern Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) successfully tested their first iteration of Companion Computing onboard their Swarm Carrier drone platform this past weekend. After many late nights crushing hardware and[…]

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AIAA Northeastern Fixed Wing’s Completes First Successful Launch

AIAA Northeastern Fixed Wing’s first plane, “The Optional Step,” completed its first successful flight on Saturday, April 9, 2016! This has been a long time coming; design complications have meant[…]

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Project Karman Partnership

The Northeastern Karman team has recently partnered with Triton Space Technologies and RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), to test with a new method of doing head end ignition on rocket[…]

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Check out a few of the projects we have been working on this semester!

Project Karman

Northeastern’s entry into the Collegiate Space Race; an unofficial competition to launch a rocket to the edge of space!

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Project NUAV

Northeastern Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (NUAV), developing racing quadcopters and desigining artificially intelligent drones.

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Project LRE

Liquid Rocket Engine (LRE), after a successful hotfire of their liquid engine last summer, LRE continues to make advancements with a regeneratively cooled engine!

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Executive Board

The executive board manages AerospaceNU, ensuring projects receive the funding they need, and approving projects on a semesterly basis.

Karl Swanson


Manages the Executive Board, oversees projects, serves as the liason between AerospaceNU and the University.

Cameron Bracco

Vice President

Provides communication between the board and projects, responsible for scheduling, coordinates meetings.

Krishna Mohan


Creates the organizational budget, financial reports, authorizes expedintures, ensures budgets are met.

Emma Rugg

Operations Manager

Enforces lab policy as provided by the lab director, oversees the Design Safety Committee, maintains lab safety.

Nolan Brown

Outreach Coordinator

Maintains the organization’s image including media relations, manages outreach initiatives, promotes the club via events.

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